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Hello and Welcome Serenata Singers to our 2022-23 Choral Season and to all those looking to join our Serenata family!

We are delighted to welcome you to a full season of Joyful choral singing. This season promises to have something for everyone! The repertoire is based on the theme of the change and emotions that we’ve undergone over these past 3 years with COVID. It is about Community, Country, Nature, War and Renewal as well as a tribute to Sondheim, the great Composer and Lyricists.


We have been entertaining our audiences for over 45 years and are thrilled to have continued through the dark days of COVID via Zoom, where we deepened bonds and friendships with our fellow choristers.


We returned to singing together in September at the beautiful Scarborough Bluffs United Church, 3739 Kingston Road, under the direction of our artistic director, Jonathan Wong. Feel free to try us out for two free consecutive rehearsals before deciding to join us. If you are looking for an SATB choir that rehearses during the daytime, feel free to check us out!


More information is available on our choir poster with contact information.


Yolanda Hindle (President Serenata Singers)

Serenata poster revised December 2022.jpg
Serenata Singers has moved to a new home!

Serenata Singers has a new home at Scarborough Bluffs United Church.

3739 Kingston Rd., Scarborough

Here we are having fun!
End of Year Luncheon
End of the Year Luncheon

Here we are having fun at our last luncheon. Singing the years away.

Halloween Practice
Happy To Be Back In-Person!
Enjoying Our Christmas Luncheon Again- 2022!