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MAX RICHTER is a contemporary German-British composer and pianist. He is classically trained, and works in the meeting of contemporary classical and alternative popular musical styles. He works in opera, ballet, concert hall, theatre, television and film. He has said recently: “For me, hearing a piece of music I love feels like entering an alternative world, a welcoming place to inhabit. […] In these strange times, this new age of anxiety, music and creativity can offer us this experience—a refuge for our troubled and weary minds.” This music, with its beautiful violin solo is a serene refuge. The visual images of the video offer raw moments of beauty, sunshine on faces, moments of struggle, and hints of melancholy and joy.

To watch the video of Max Richter’s composition Mercy, click on the link below,

or copy and paste it into YouTube –

Of the music video Richter has said: “The film places the question of mercy and compassion firmly into our everyday world. We are all in this together.”

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